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In this tutorial I am stacking a buttercream cake. 

Stacking a cake can be a bit scary. Practice will help

calm down your fears. This cake I am stacking is 4 tiers.

6, 8, 10 an 12  are the sizes of these cakes.



Even though you can't see it, every cake has a cardboard underneath.

The cardboard is covered with wax paper on both sides.

The dowel I added at the end is sharpened so it can break through the

cardboard. I put it to the side of the center so I dont hit the other

dowels. I do fondant cakes and taller cakes a bit different than

what I do here. This is meant more for buttercream cakes up to 4 tiers.



I buy my cardboard dowels in Amazon. Search for Lady Mary Ateco


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